March 31, 2017
From: The Guardian Civic League’s
Political Action Committee
Board of Retirees
Dear Mark J. Moore:
On behalf of the Guardian Civic League’s Political Action Committee we voted to endorse you for the position of Common Pleas Judge in the upcoming election. Philadelphia is a city of many strengths and much potential. Its elected officials must work together on our most urgent problems.
We need your level of professionalism and knowledge regarding the law. We look forward to working with you and helping you make a difference within the communities we live and the judicial system that you serve.
We feel that with you, as Common Pleas Judge you will continue to be committed and maintain the courage to be fair, without prejudice.
In addition, we wish you much luck in the upcoming election for Common Pleas Judge.
William Blackman,
Chairperson of PAC,


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